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Booklet calendar example

How to Make Your Own Calendar - Simple Steps & Terrific Examples!

Want to know how to make your own calendar with personal photos and holidays? Follow the steps in this guide! Apart from the instructions, there are five cool examples for you to get inspired: a wall poster, a 12-page calendar, a motivational planner, a folding desk calendar and a booklet!

A photo birthday calendar

How to Use Photos in Your Calendar Designs

In this guide, you'll learn about various ways of building a calendar design around a photo. Set your picture as a background image; use a central photo; create a stylish collage; insert photos right into the month grid cells to mark your special events. There are some tips on editing pictures as well.

Top 5 ideas of customized photo calendars

Top 5 Inspirational Ideas of Customized Photo Calendars

Making a customized photo calendar is the best way to get an effective time organizer with a personal touch. In this tutorial, you'll find five exciting calendar projects to try: a stylish wall calendar, a cute meal planner, a birthday reminder calendar, a personal workout planner, and a handy pocket calendar.

Promo calendar example

How to Design a Professional Quality Calendar for Business Needs

Thinking of making a promotional calendar to distribute among your potentional clients? Here, you'll find some essential expert tips on professional calendar design, and a hands-on guide on creating a great-looking promo calendar.

Desk photo calendar example

How to Create a Desk Photo Calendar for Your Office

How about making a calendar that will add some individuality to your workplace and still help you wisely organize the time? Check out this tutorial and learn the basics of creating a desk photo calendar. In the end you'll find eye-catching calendar examples to get inspired with!

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