Want to design your own calendar?
Want to design a calendar with photos?
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Want to design your own calendar?
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Create a Calendar with Photos for 2022 – Get Started with 250+ Fully Customizable Templates!

Need to properly organize your schedule or prepare a memorable gift for an ever-working friend? Think about making a customized calendar with your own photos! This way you will fill an eye-catching design with useful functions and get a one-of-a-kind planner. Whether you want to put it on a desk in your office or hang up at home, there is a convenient program to realize all of your creative ideas.

Create a calendar with photos

Let’s make a gorgeous picture calendar like this using Photo Calendar Creator software!

How to Add Photos into Your Calendar?

Central Photo

A photo can become the central part of your calendar design. Add a new image right in the Calendar Design Wizard or on the Photo tab in the main program window. Such calendars with own photos will look great in both monthly and yearly format.

Background Image

Any picture you have added to the calendar can be set as the background image. Click Select Background and pick a photo that will not steal attention from the month grid. If needed, slightly lighten the photo to make the data perfectly visible.

Photo Collage

If you’ve made a list of the best photos and still can’t pick a single one, think about combining them into a stunning collage. For example, you can create a calendar with family pictures. Click Add Collage to upload several images at once and then arrange them on the calendar page.

"Lots of options for using pictures - background image, collage, pics in cells. Real fun to work with"Jen Marshall at CNET.com

Mark Holidays with Photos

When making calendars with own photos you can find even more effective ways to integrate them into your design. If you are creating a table calendar, add the chosen pictures into the grid cells to mark important events. The Customize Holidays menu will give you a chance to bring in a new group of big days for your family.

Create custom groups of personal holidays

Edit Your Images Right on the Calendar

Some photos you want to use in your calendar aren’t as perfect as they can be, so they likely need touching up. Move to the Photo tab and tweak their brightness, contrast and saturation. Change their transparency level or crop too large images to highlight their best parts and fit them into your calendar design.

Edit photos to use in your calendar

Decorate Pictures with Frames & Masks

To create a calendar with photos you will also need some essential decorating tools. In this case, frames and masks are great embellishments that can present even old pictures in a new way. While frames will outline the central image, masks and filters can turn the surrounding ones into a perfect background.

Add frames to you calendar photos

Create calendars with own photos to hand them as great personalized gifts, or enjoy their design and functionality yourself. All you need is easy-to-use software like Photo Calendar Creator that makes the whole process a lot of fun!

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