How to Make Adorable Baby Photo Calendars

Your baby’s first photos are something very precious. It would be unfair to just store them on your hard drive. If you want those images to grace your every day, make a baby picture calendar. Put a whole year of memories into your photo calendar to show how your kid grew and changed. This creative solution can also become a sentimental gift for grandparents or a cute piece of interior decor.

Baby collage calendar example

Create the sweetest baby calendar with your own photos

You don’t have to be a pro to make baby photo calendars. Get Photo Calendar Creator equipped with 250+ templates and a diverse library of embellishments: frames, masks, cliparts, etc. The app gives you maximum creative freedom but automates routine tasks. Pick any template, add your little one’s pictures, and have your baby calendar done in 5 minutes. Hit the download button to try the program for free.

Don’t know where to start? Check out some examples of unique baby calendars made in the program to gain inspiration. Then, move on to the tutorial to learn how to make your own calendar with baby photos.


Baby Milestones Calendar

With this calendar, you will capture your baby’s first steps, first trips, first visits to the doctor, etc. The booklet babies calendar is perfect to mark both events that occurred in the past and those that are just about to happen. Add a section for notes to each page and record your little one’s and your own emotions when you are together.

Pocket Baby Girl Calendar

Spend a lot of time at work or away from your family? Miss your little daughter? Create a pocket baby picture calendar to keep in your wallet or notebook. This way you will always be able to look at the picture of your darling, mark birthdays and family holidays, or simply plan days you will spend with your baby girl after a long parting.

First Year Calendar

Have a whole album of your newborn’s photos? Create the first-year baby calendar with pictures that will chronicle the growing up of your baby. If you go with the spiral-bound calendar type, you will be able to easily fit all the best pics from the last 12 months; add family holidays, important children’s events, and doctor appointments.

Wall Gift Baby Calendar

Your relatives don’t see your kids too often but want to observe how they grow? Design a wall calendar with the best pictures of your little ones as a gift to them. This would be a perfect surprise idea for the kids’ grandparents. It could also work well for the babies’ other relatives if they are close.

Desk Baby Boy Calendar

Have a baby boy you can’t get enough of? Looking for a creative way to incorporate his photos into your working area? Create a desk calendar with images of your shared happy moments or with his cute silly pics. This will keep you in a good mood and make gloomy working days a bit sunnier. You can also use such a calendar as a nursery decor.

How to Create a Calendar with Your Baby Pictures

Can’t wait to make one of such calendars yourself? Or do you have your own creative concept in mind? Either way, this guide will help you to make a lovely baby pictures calendar:

1. Create a new project in Photo Calendar Creator

2. Choose the calendar type and pick a template

3. Import little one’s photos and other cute pictures

4. Decorate images with cliparts, frames & masks, customize the grid

5. Add your list of events: family holidays, birthdays, appointments, etc.

6. Print your calendar in premium quality with the smart printing module

7. Enjoy your adorable baby calendar

Baby calendar with cute photos

Now you know how to create baby calendars in Photo Calendar Creator. If you want to go beyond such planners, this software still have something to offer you. With it, you can make other types of calendars as well: family planner calendar, fitness planner, promotional calendar, and more. Experience all the diverse capabilities of the program yourself with its free trial!

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