Want to design your own school calendar?
Want to design a custom school and academic calendar?
Make your own school calendar with Photo Calendar Creator!
Want to design your own school calendar?
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How to Create a School Calendar with No Fuss

Whether you are a student, teacher or a child’s parent, you cannot overestimate the importance of a school calendar. If you want to make it through yet another term and manage your time wisely, a printable planner will help you to be way ahead of the game.

With a proper school calendar, you can organize your kid’s daily routine to make sure they study for a test, attend a sports practice or have some me-time. Want to know how to make a calendar for school yourself? That's what we are here to tell you. In this article, we’ll not only show you a few pre-made designs, but will also give you a blow-by-blow instruction on how to make such a planner with no effort.

Awesome School Calendar Templates

Your school photo calendar needs to be a treat for the eye - after all, your kid will be staring at it for the whole school year. Below, you’ll find a few templates that are ready to go. You can take them as they are or use them for inspiration when you sit down to create an academic calendar.

Weekly School Calendar

Is your kids’ schedule too busy to keep track of? A weekly planner will help you with that. Create and then print a huge poster that would have all the planned activities outlined. Your kid’ll have this planner right before their eyes once they get up Monday morning - this way you can make sure they’ll never be late for class or rehearsals again.

Monthly School Planner

If there are not that many items in your agenda, but you still need to be reminded of them, then a monthly planner is just the thing for you. You can outline all recurring events like sports practice, important tests you need to prepare for, or upcoming birthdays of your friends. A monthly planner can be turned into a meal planner as well.

Yearly School Calendar

Prefer to see the bigger picture? Create a yearly calendar. Mark each term, the impending exams, and the highly-anticipated holidays on it. Besides, it’s a good idea to highlight national holidays so that you know when you or your kids can stay home. Just make sure to pick the perfect picture for the calendar to make sure your kid loves it.

How to Create a School Calendar: an Easy Guide

Hopefully, you already have the concept in mind and eagerness to get going. Now it’s time to find the right academic calendar maker. If you are looking for easy yet full-feature software, consider Photo Calendar Creator. This award-winning program has all the tools to help you make a visually-pleasing and functional time tracker: tons of templates, endless customization options, and myriads of decorative elements. Let’s see how you can use this toolkit for creating a school calendar.

  • Step 1

    Download the School Calendar Software

    First thing you need to do is to download this school calendar maker. Just click the button below to start your free trial. Follow the wizard instructions to install the software to your PC. It will take just a minute.

  • Step 2

    Pick the School Calendar Design You Like

    Once you run the school calendar generator, you’ll need to pick the type of your time tracker. You can go with a wall, desk, booklet calendar or opt for a spiral bound option - all depending on your needs. Next, browse through the built-in templates. Decide on the orientation, choose the design for your student photo planner, then add your images to it.

    Pick the template for your school calendar
  • Step 3

    Make Your School Calendar More Personal

    Customize your calendar to your liking. This school calendar creator allows you to change anything about the month style - from the font to the cell color. Once you are satisfied with the look, move on to decorating the calendar itself. Embellish your pictures with frames or masks, place clip arts over the photos to make your calendar design for school eye-catching for your child.

    Decorate your academic planner
  • Step 4

    Mark Important Dates and Events in Cells

    Now make your school photo planner not only pretty, but also informative. Create a custom list of either recurring events (sport classes, rehearsals) or important dates (tests, friends’ birthdays, etc). Highlight these events in the calendar and decorate the cells with themed icons or even photos.

    Add events to your school calendar
  • Step 5

    Save or Print Your Academic Planner

    Once you are done with your planner, you’ll have two options. For starters, the academic calendar creator allows you to save your calendar as a template for later use (for upcoming years) or as an image to display on your PC screen. Alternatively, you can print your calendar right at home or a local print shop.

    Print your school calendar

    So there you go - now you know how to make a school calendar that your or your kid will love and follow meticulously. Wasn’t that hard, was it? Thanks to the many templates offered by Photo Calendar Creator, the process only took us a few minutes. Besides, the customization process is so engaging that both adults and children will have a blast with it. So if you need an academic calendar - or just a regular planner or a birthday tracker - this printable calendar maker will be your reliable tool for the job.

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