Want to design your own calendar?

Want to Make a DIY Spiral Bound Calendar?

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Want to design your own spiral bound calendar?
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Create A Unique Spiral Bound Calendar Yourself

Need a time management tool or a reminder of the most important events? A spiral bound calendar for 2022 will be the best solution. Looking like a notebook, such a calendar will be full of lovely pictures and provide lots of space to make important notes. You can purchase a spiral bound calendar via the Internet or buy it in a local shop. You can make a DIY calendar with the help of print shops or create a unique calendar yourself with a handy computer program and then print your artwork in high quality.

Want to make a calendar but have never done it before? No worries! In our step-by-step guide, we’ll tell you how to create a spiral bound calendar on your own and even give you a handy tool to do the task with ease. You’ll also be able to explore some stunning samples of such calendars we’ve prepared in case you need a bit of inspiration. Ready? Then dive in!

Spiral bound calendar example

Create an awesome calendar with your own photos

Amazing Spiral Bound Calendar Examples

Spiral Bound Desk Calendar For Work

Need a handy calendar for your office desk? Then grab some pictures to your liking and create a calendar that will set your mood. Pick images that can make you smile during a busy working day. Or those that motivate you to work harder and achieve your goals. Add your colleagues’ birthdays to your calendar to congratulate them on time.

Spiral Calendar as a stylish Birthday tracker

Want to never forget about the birthdays of your family and friends? An attractive birthday tracker filled with treasured photos of the merrymakers can be a perfect reminder of these important days. It’ll take you just a couple of clicks to put the photos of your nearest and dearest into the cells. Make sure to put the ages they are turning to always be prepared with an appropriate gift.

Spiral Desk Calendar For School or Office

Like to have everything around you well-organized and don’t want to get distracted? So you’ll probably fancy a calendar for school or work with a monthly template on one page and a lovely picture or a photo collage on the other. This way you’ll have more space to write down your ideas or important events and never forget about them.

You don’t need to be a professional designer to create a customized spiral bound calendar yourself. All you need is a bunch of photos and a user-friendly, but powerful program. Get Photo Calendar Creator - this software is equipped with more than 250 templates and a vast library of awesome clipart, stunning masks, and lots of frames. This program will help you not only to edit your calendar design to your liking but to print your calendar in high quality with the help of the smart built-in printing module. Can’t wait to start? Hit the download button below and try the program for free.

Ready to try creating your spiral bound calendars but confused about what to start with? Then check out some tutorials to learn how to create your unique calendar all by yourself.

How To Make A Unique Spiral Bound Calendar

Already have a bunch of ideas and can’t wait to start creating your own calendar? Explore this step-by-step guide and make an awesome spiral bound calendar with your images in a few clicks.

1. Create a new project in Photo Calendar Creator

2. Choose the type of calendar you need and pick a template

3. Import your photos or other images you want to add

4. Decorate the chosen pictures with masks, clipart, and frames

5. Add important holidays, family birthdays, and other essential events

6. Use the smart printing module to print spiral bound calendars in HQ

7. Bind your calendar yourself or get it bound in a special service

Stylish calendar with photos

You see - a stunning spiral bound calendar is just a few clicks away. So, you won’t need to buy a mass-market wall calendar or purchase a small one from online stores. You can easily create it all by yourself and fill your monthly spread with photos of your nearest and dearest to mark their birthdays. You can also use numerous amazing templates and edit them the way you want. Such a 365-day calendar will be absolutely unique and fully customized to your taste and needs.

Get Photo Calendar Creator, a handy program that will help you to make a fitness or family planner, a promotional calendar or a birthday tracker, and many more. This software has a vast toolkit to help you realize all your amazing ideas. Get started with it today!

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