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Want to design your your family calendar?
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Make Your Own Family Calendar with Photos

Want to have a handy time management tool for the whole family? Calendars seem like a good idea, but they are all so impersonal. Luckily, you can make a custom calendar with your pics and important family holidays. Imagine this - your favourite photos from a vacation or family reunion on the cover and all the birthdays and other special events highlighted in the cells with pictures and icons.

Family collage calendar example

We will help you create a calendar just as lovely

Want to learn how to make your own family photo calendars? This is what we are here to teach you. We will give you a blow-by-blow instruction as well as a few design examples for inspiration. Let’s dive in!

Cute Family Photo Calendar Ideas

Before you actually start to design a family calendar, you need to decide on its type and concept. If you don’t yet have a clear idea of what kind of planner or tracker to make, have a look at these family calendar picture ideas that might help you get your creative juices flowing.

Family Desk Calendar

This type of a family calendar with photos will be a perfect accessory for your working place. Since it has two sides you can insert more photos of your loved ones there than in a standard wall calendar. It’s also very convenient to mark a date or make a note about an important event during the month.

Family Birthday Calendar

Have a lot of relatives and tend to forget their birthdays? A family celebrations calendar will remind you of all the upcoming big days. Decorate the cells of your family birthday calendar with pics of the celebrants and add the age they are turning. That will save you tons of embarrassment.

Family Wall Calendar

A large family picture calendar on the wall is a great opportunity for creativity. It can feature one photo, a photo collage, or a motivational poster. Your choice is limited only by your imagination. This yearly format doesn’t provide much space for the calendar itself, but gives a larger area for a colorful image.

Large Family Calendar

A large family calls for a large calendar, right? Consider creating a family calendar design that would have several sections. Assign each section to a certain family member, decorate these sections with their images and let them take lead on what events to highlight. So get creative!

Now that you have a concept in mind, it’s time to get busy. But wait, what tool should you use to create your family calendar with photos? Go with one of the best options - Photo Calendar Creator. This award-winning software is perfect for designing personalized calendars. It comes with a library of 250+ templates, provides endless customization options, allows you to create your own lists of holidays, and more. Want to see what else this family calendar software has to offer? Then download its free trial.

Now you have the tool, the idea, and the desire to make your calendar with family pictures. Then let’s get down to business and create a unique tracker for your whole family.

How to Make a Calendar with Family Pictures

1. Pick a template for your family pictures calendar

2. Set the size, resolution, and starting year & month

3. Decorate your project with a picture or a collage

4. Pick a new month grid style or design your own

5. Mark national holidays using a built-in database

6. Print your calendar with family photos in HQ

7. Enjoy your awesome wall poster calendar

Family calendar with holidays

Well, now you know how to make a family calendar with your favorite pictures. It is a lot easier than it seems, thanks to Photo Calendar Creator and its many templates and tools. Wonder what else you can make with this software? The options are endless. You can create wonderful baby photo calendars, lovely desk planners, spectacular promotional designs, and whatnot. So get this software today to create unique planners and trackers.

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