How to Make Your Own Birthday Calendar with Pictures

Make a birthday calendar with your photos

A birthday is a special day that must not be missed. In this case, a birthday photo calendar will be a truly effective way to remember the birthdays of your relatives and friends. So how to make a birthday calendar with your own photos and text captions?

With proper birthday calendar software, you can easily insert your events into the month table, add photos and photo collages to your calendar, and make use of cliparts to dress up the design. Want to give it a try? Follow the steps below and all the secrets will be revealed!

  • Step 1


    Click the link below and download the free version of Photo Calendar Creator software. Follow the instructions on your screen to install the program on your computer. The whole process will take you less than a minute.

  • Step 2


    Start the software and click through the calendar types. If you want to create a birthday calendar for some particular month, go to the Monthly designs and choose a style that suits you. If you need a calendar for the whole year with 12 pages, one for each month, opt for the Yearly Calendar templates. Then add your photos and set the calendar properties – you can start the calendar on any month or year you need.

    Library of calendar templates

  • Step 3


    Want to know how to make a birthday calendar with photos inside the calendar cells? Well, you just double-click on the month grid and select a cell you need, then click on the Load button, add your photo and align it if necessary. In case you don’t have a photo of the birthday person, but you want to devote a cell to him or her, set a background color for this cell. Then open the Customize Holidays editor and add his or her name for this date.

    Add the celebrants' photos into the month grid
  • Step 4


    This calendar software allows you to easily move, resize and crop your photos. In the Photo tab you can also add an outline or a frame to your photo or even replace it with a photo collage. To complete your calendar page style, pick a suitable background. It can be a solid color, a picture from the software gallery, or even your own photo. If you are creating a birthday calendar for kids, make it really one-of-a-kind by adding some clipart to your design.

    Decorate your photos in the birthday calendar
  • Step 5


    If you are happy with your design, save it as JPEG. Don’t forget to save the project as well, as you may need it later – to create a birthday calendar for the next year, for instance. How to make a birthday calendar that will always be in front of your eyes? Click on the Print icon to send the calendar pages to your printer, check the paper settings and in a few minutes you will have a freshly printed and still warm calendar in your hands. Hang it to a wall immediately!

    Print your birthday calendar

How about making different types of gorgeous reminders using a convenient birthday calendar maker like Photo Calendar Creator? Here we’ve created some birthday planner designs that you might like and want to realize with your own hands.

Wall Poster Birthday Calendar

If you have a big family and want to share your love and care with each of numerous relatives, think about making a wall poster birthday calendar for the whole year. This way you will always have a useful reminder in front of your eyes, and will not go crazy searching for a last-minute gift.

Birthday Reminder Planner

Want to create a birthday calendar with an easy structure that can be later used in other designs? Then a birthday reminder planner is exactly the type you are looking for. Make your own calendar template and fill it with important family dates, or write them down with a pen once your planner is printed!

Birthday Calendar for Your Office Desk

Want to add some home touch to your office cubicle? Put a birthday desk calendar there. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a folding or booklet calendar, your emotions will be the same! While turning its pages, you will see the faces of your loved ones and will never forget about their big days.

Now you know how to make a birthday calendar and you can create a business reminder of important events, make a printable school calendar or even plan the wedding preparation for several months up to the great day itself. No more last minute rushes through the gift shops! Now you can relax and be sure that you buy the perfect presents for the people who deserve them in advance. Let your dearest ones enjoy your care and attention!

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