Want to design your own calendar?

Want a cool photo collage calendar?

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Want to design your own calendar?
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How to Create a Photo Collage Calendar of Any Type

Calendars that you can buy at the store are good for many reasons, but they don't mean anything to you personally. So why not make a personalized calendar with your new or long-forgotten pics instead of storing them on your hard drive for years? A custom photo collage calendar will allow you to include all of them. You can become the owner of such an outstanding calendar in just 5 minutes.

Photo collage calendar example

Need an intuitive picture collage calendar maker? Try Photo Calendar Creator that will help you create a calendar design in any language. All you need to do is upload your images, and in several minutes you will have a unique photo collage planner with your own holidays, events, and important notes. Download this photo collage calendar maker today and try it for free.

Can’t wait to get started on your picture collage calendars? Keep reading to get acquainted with the app and learn how to create your first design with it.

Step 1. Use Collage Calendar Templates

Run the Photo Calendar Creator. Here you can choose the type of your calendar: weekly, monthly, annual, or quarterly; wall, booklet, spiral-bound, desk, and pocket. After selecting the type and format of your calendar, click Next.

Next, choose one of the photo calendar template options. If the design you choose has the main image, you can replace it with your own right away or later during editing. Make sure to pick the calendar resolution and paper size for printing.

Set the year and starting month of your calendar. Thanks to this convenient feature, you can make your own planner well after January and still enjoy it for the next twelve months.

Choose the right size of your calendar page from a number of printing presets. Under the Advanced settings, you can set its width and height manually, which is a handful if you create a desk calendar.

Step 2. Create Your Collage & Customize It

You can add more images to the collage template by clicking the Photo tab. The collage calendar maker has two buttons to do that:

Add Collage is an option to make a collage based on a template. With its help, you can create a classic grid photo collage for your calendar with the suggested number of rows.

Add Photo is an option for making jumble collages, where pictures can be of different sizes, rotation angles, etc. If you go with the main photo, you can edit it anytime just by clicking on it.

Once you position your images, move to the Photo Tab to enhance them and decorate with masks and frames. Consider leaving the central picture in color and make the rest black & white.

Step 3. Print Your Picture Collage Calendar

Now, it’s time to print your calendar! Hit the printer icon, find your printer model, choose the number of copies and the paper format.

Making a multi-page planner? The smart print module will put it in the correct order and place it on both sides of your paper sheets. Creating a desk collage calendar? It will be printed on a single page with space at the top and bottom for you to fold and glue it together.

Click Print to get a high-quality calendar. Otherwise, save your collage calendar design if you want to share it online or make it your desktop wallpaper.

DIY Photo Collage Calendars for Any Occasion

Need some inspiration before creating your own calendar? Check out 6 examples that you can make in Photo Calendar Creator without any previous experience and print for free.

Spiral-bound calendar

Desk pic collage calendar

Wall poster calendar

Monthly collage calendar

Jumble collage calendar

Photo mosaic calendar

Want to make one of the calendars above? Photo Calendar Creator will help you with that! Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is a universal helper for people of all skill levels. With its vast collection of templates, you can do much more than just make a collage calendar with your photos: create calendar coloring pages for adults and kids, family birthday calendars, and even workout or food planners. Whether you create a photo collage calendar or any other type, the process will go smoothly and will bring you joy.

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