Five Examples of Printable Coloring Calendars for 2019

Had a stressful week at work? Need something to take your mind off everyday problems? Many people find sanctuary in coloring sheets as the whole process is quite relaxing. And what is a better thing to color than a printable coloring calendar! This creative device will help you relieve some anxiety and still keep track of your time. Download the calendar examples below and print them for colorful inspiration!

Yearly Coloring Calendar

The most common type of a coloring calendar for adults is a wall planner for the whole year. A peculiar black-and-white background gives this ordinary design a really stylish look. Spend some time colorizing its patterns and the colored imagery will inspire your creativity all year long.

Kids Coloring Calendar

Children love coloring books that feature characters of their favorite cartoons. A coloring calendar is a perfect time-organizing tool that won’t scare kids away from planning their activities in the future. Download this calendar sample and give it to your children to teach them how to organize their time wisely!

Collage Coloring Calendar

Want a gorgeous coloring calendar for 2019? If you’re a fan of fantasy worlds, you’ll instantly like this calendar with a collage of coloring images. Colorize them one by one or all at once, and the result will certainly delight your eye. Make one calendar for each month with as many fantasy pictures as you want.

Monthly B&W Calendar

A coloring book calendar includes twelve planners with different designs suited to every fancy. Each page features a pleasing illustration that will make you forget all your troubles and feel as if you’re a child again. A themed calendar book can be a useful organizational tool and a great DIY gift.

Coloring Desk Calendar

Too much stress at your workplace? Decorate your cubicle or office desk with a cool coloring calendar. It’ll be a great idea to take your mind off business-related things and spend a few minutes colorizing floral or other peculiar patterns. Besides, it’s still a useful planner that will help you better organize your working schedule.

Like these printable coloring calendars 2019? How about making your own day-to-day calendar? Click the button and get started with a free trial of Photo Calendar Creator.

This easy-to-use calendar designer will let you make as many “Color Me” designs as you wish. Follow the instructions below and you’ll create your own planner in three simple steps.

Step 1 - Find a Suitable Calendar Template

First of all, you need to decide what type of a calendar you’re going to make. Here are the most popular planners you can design in Photo Calendar Creator:

  • Wall calendar
  • Booklet calendar
  • Desk calendar
  • Pocket calendar
  • Spiral-bound calendar, etc.

Choose a monthly or yearly template and pick the desired page orientation. Set the starting year and month. Don’t forget to adjust page settings to get a printable calendar in the end - set the page size and its resolution.

Coloring calendar template

Step 2 - Stylize Your Coloring Calendar

For a start, choose a suitable background and add the chosen black-and-white images to the calendar page. Move to the Photo tab if you want to apply frame, shadow or outline to your pictures. While on the Main tab, click Month Style to try different month layouts and decide which of them suits your design in the best way. In the Template Editor, you can also change the style of weekdays and weekends - the text color, font and size, as well as the background style.

Stylize coloring calendar

Step 3 - Print the Calendar You’ve Made

The most important step in creating your own monochrome calendar is to print it for later colorizing. The smart print module lets you choose the paper size, resolution and orientation. Set the number of copies you want to get - that way you’ll be able to share your printed creation with others. For the highest quality, click Save Layout as… TIFF, PDF, JPEG and take your adult coloring planner to a local print shop.

Printable coloring calendar

With Photo Calendar Creator, you can make hundreds of custom calendar designs for all purposes and occasions. Design a couple of coloring planners to melt away your stress. Create a stunning photo collage calendar and present it as a gift to your dear ones. Make a food planner to keep to your diet or a workout calendar to fit some exercises into your tight schedule - your only limitation is your own imagination!

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