Custom Calendar Templates for Any Occasion

Today calendars are not just pieces of paper with information about regular days and upcoming holidays, they’re also personal organizers where you can combine your personal affairs and professional schedules. A personalized printable calendar will help you keep track of all the events in your everyday life. With customized calendar templates available in Photo Calendar Creator, you’ll be able to make your own calendar design for a year, month or even a week in a couple of clicks!

Dozens of Calendar Types to Choose From

All calendars are different and perform different tasks. Not only do you have poster calendars, desk calendars and booklet calendars, you can create custom designs that work better for you. The number of pages also varies, with some calendars holding more than one month per page. Consider how your custom calendars will be used and you’ll be able to choose the personal calendar template that’s right for you.

Launch Photo Calendar Creator and pick the type of your calendar in the wizard:

Choose your calendar type

Themed Calendar Ideas

Themed photo calendars can be devoted to all sorts of special interests from family activities to travel, from sports to great inspiration, and from humor to world cuisines. Go for the 'wow' factor with powerful lines and incredible structures. Amaze with striking images of stunning locations or thrilling adventures. Stir up imagination with aspirational words and pictures. Here are choices of themed calendars for people who like something different or would like to stand out from the crowd.

Using one of these photo calendar templates, you can get a time-saving tool, capture some memorable event in your life, create a great personalized gift, or extend the effects of your promotional campaign with an ideal giveaway.

Personal Holidays and Dates

To make a custom calendar template truly yours, mark specific holidays and occasions. Note down important information like birthdays, anniversaries, and official appointments by adding notes and photos into the cells of your calendar. If you want to have a perpetual calendar for birthdays and anniversaries, then make a planner without weekdays, which will allow you to use it for multiple years.

Mark your own holidays and events

Why You Should Go for Photo Calendar Creator?

  • Easy-to-Use

    The program is simple as ABC, and has an absolutely intuitive interface

  • Great for Gifts

    Make even last-minute gifts
    with love and create gorgeous calendars for all family

  • All-in-One

    Access to 250+ calendar templates, editing & decoration tools, print layouts, etc.

  • Suits Any Taste

    Custom calendar templates made by professional designers look like shop-bought

  • Be Tuned

    Mark important events and create your own groups of personal holidays

  • Life-Long Use

    Buy the program once and create thousands of calendars for years to come

We know for sure that there’s nothing worse than ordering a calendar only to find out too late it has the wrong year. Misaligned pages and artwork can really get you down too. Avoid these issues by downloading Photo Calendar Creator software and making your own planners based on hundreds of custom calendar templates.

Gorgeous Photo Calendar Examples

Can’t wait to create your one-of-a-kind calendar but don’t know which to make first? Since you’re already overwhelmed with many choices we’ve compiled a list of helpful planners you can make using custom calendar templates.