Want to design your own birthday calendar?
Need a Perpetual Birthday Calendar?
With Photo Calendar Creator, you can design it yourself!
Want to design your own birthday calendar?
  • Pick from lots of customizable templates
  • Add personal photos and holidays
  • Print your calendar in pro quality
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How to Make a Perpetual Birthday Calendar

Make a perpetual birthday calendar

Forgot to wish a happy birthday to someone you really love and appreciate the most? What can be more embarrassing? Stand up to this forgetfulness with a perpetual calendar for birthdays and anniversaries! This reminder won’t let you miss the significant days anymore, and what’s more, you can use it year after year.

No need to buy a standard calendar that gives you only a small chance to customize. Instead, make your own perpetual birthday calendar in Photo Calendar Creator – a piece of effective calendar making software.

Take a look at the examples below. We have designed these perpetual birthday reminders in Photo Calendar Creator to get you inspired and evoke your creativeness. You can work with a wide collection of professional yet easy-to-use templates, add a personal touch by inserting your photos and meaningful images and decorate your calendar with cliparts and collages.

Multi-Page Perpetual Birthday Calendar

Want to create a birthday planner with a unique look for every month? Then select a 12-page calendar template and design each page as you like! You can choose a set of colors, the style of text captions and the amount of pictures. The stylish yet usable calendar will definitely find its spot on your walls.

Wall Perpetual Birthday Poster

Do you prefer poster-like wall calendars with all the month grids in front of your eyes? This kind of birthday reminders is really handy when you have a large family with numerous birthdays each month. You will never forget about a single party and will have enough time to get a special gift.

Quarterly Birthday Planner for Any Year

Are you one of those who like spiral-bound wall calendars? You can create a perpetual birthday calendar of this type as well. With it, you will be ahead of the game for 3 months. And no, you don’t have to pull off the pages unless you got bored with the pages style and want to design a new one.

Have we got you interested? Then it’s time to learn how to make your own perpetual birthday calendar step-by-step:

  • Step 1


    The download file of the software is under the link below. Click it and follow the instructions and install the free version to your computer. The whole installation process takes less than 1 minute.

  • Step 2


    Run the program, start a new project and pick the Custom Calendar section in the Calendar Design Wizard. From the calendar layouts selection, choose Perpetual calendar for any year. Then, click next and select a perpetual birthday calendar template. It can be either horizontal or vertical. Also, you can decide on a monthly, a quarterly or a whole year style of the pages.

    Choose a calendar template

  • Step 3


    The best way to make your calendar unique is to add your personal photos to it. Choose when you will add your pictures - in the wizard or later. Feel free to experiment with different images and photo collages because you can remove or replace them any time. To do it, open the Photo tab, select the photograph and hit the needed button: Add, Replace, Add Collage or Crop.

    Add personal photos to your calendar
  • Step 4


    To never forget about a birthday, anniversary or other meaningful days, add your own holidays to your perpetual birthday calendar. Hit the Customize Holidays button. In the window that shows up, choose the New Group option with the green plus icon, name it and add all the dates. Then, click the Holiday Names button. Here you can set the font, its size, color and alignment and allow to display 2 or 3 holidays in a cell. Next, click OK to apply the changes and check Highlight holidays and Display holiday names. As a result, your holidays are shown in the month grids.

    Add your own holidays to the reminder
  • Step 5


    Now your perpetual birthday calendar for the wall is ready. If you have a quality printer at home, you can print it right away. Alternatively, save the reminder as PDF or a JPEG image, send it to a USB card and take to a print shop. Saving the project to your computer is not a bad idea as well - you can use the design for your future calendars.

    Print your perpetual birthday calendar

Photo Calendar Creator is not only a birthday calendar maker. In addition to perpetual calendars you can make a printable planner for kids, a personalized desk calendar, a customized weekly or monthly planner etc. Get creative, explore the numerous software possibilities and enjoy making calendars for yourself or crafting memorable exclusive gifts for your family and friends!

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