Want to design your own calendar?
Want to make a cute calendar for 2019?
With Photo Calendar Creator, it’s easy and fun!
Want to design your own calendar?
  • Get started with 180+ beautiful templates
  • Add personal photos and important dates
  • Print your calendar in pro quality
AbSupport for any language!

How to Create a Photo Calendar - Exclusive Design in Five Minutes!

Want to learn how to make a cool photo calendar with the minimum of technical knowledge and time spending? You are on the right page. You will need only three things: smart calendar making software, a little inspiration and 5 minutes of your time.

Photo calendar design example

Like the planner example above? Then download the Photo Calendar Creators software and start creating photo calendars in 3 simple steps.

  • Step 1

    Pick a Template to Work on

    As soon as you have launched the program, the Calendar Design Wizard offers you a selection of calendar layouts. Choose the one that suits you the most. Whether it’s a large wall poster for a whole year, a handy desk planner or a tiny pocket calendar, you can personalize each template as you like and create photo calendars with your own design.

    Built-in calendar layouts set
  • Step 2

    Customize the Planner Design

    Think outside the box and try all the editing possibilities! Use your personal photos and other images for the page background or construct fancy collages. Move and resize pictures easily. Modify the month style: a wide color palette, an extensive collection of fonts and a large clipart gallery are available for you. Create photo calendars with an imaginative touch!

    How to edit the month style

    "Easy to work with; can insert any holidays; plenty of calendar templates." J.Sheridan at CNET.com

  • Step 3

    Save and Print Your Calendar

    You have finished the major part of your creative work by now, and just a few mouse clicks are left. Hit the Save button and choose the option to save your calendar: a JPEG or TIFF image, or multipage PDF. It’s as easy as a pie - create a photo calendar in 5 minutes, adjust the print settings and print your masterpiece in professional quality right away!

    How to save and print a photo calendar

Get started with Photo Calendar Creator today and you will see the killer features by yourself:

  • User-friendly interface > learn working with it in mere minutes
  • Numerous editing tools > make a totally personalized planner
  • All languages support > create photo calendars in any language or even make it bilingual
  • Various export options > print a high-quality timekeeper for your home, office or clients
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