How to Make a Homemade Calendar with No Hassle

Tired of going to a print shop every time you want to create and print a calendar? A homemade calendar could solve this problem once and forever. Say goodbye to print shops. You can make your own designs using your computer. Keep on reading and learn how to do that! You will also find some cool examples of homemade calendars that will help get your creative juices running.

Creative Home Calendar Ideas for Inspiration

Wall calendar

Pocket calendar

Desk calendar

Spiral-bound calendar

Booklet calendar

Monthly calendar

Weekly calendar

Yearly calendar

Quarterly calendar

How to Make a Homemade Calendar with Photos

Have no previous experience in designing homemade calendars with photos? That is not a problem if you have an automatic calendar generator at hand. Our top recommendation for you is Photo Calendar Creator, a user-friendly program equipped with 250+ calendar templates. They will help you create homemade planners of any type, orientation, and size. All you have to do to make a homemade calendar of your dreams is to choose a template, import your pics, and customize your list of holidays. Hit the Download button below to try this full-featured program for free:

Want to get a quick start on your first do-it-yourself planner? Move on to our step-by-step tutorial on how to make a homemade calendar.

Create a new project in Photo Calendar Creator

1. Run Photo Calendar Creator to design a home made calendar

Choose a homemade calendar template

2. Pick the type of your planner, choose a homemade calendar template

Open your photos in the program

3. Import the photos and illustrations you want to have in your calendar

Adjust calendar settings

4. Set the year, starting month, resolution, and size of your calendar

Create your own holiday list

5. Mark deadlines & family holidays with photos and captions

Decorate your calendar

6. Embellish your calendar with collages & cliparts; customize the grid

Birthday & anniversary calendar

7. Print your homemade photo calendar with the smart print engine

Now you know how to make your own calendar for 2022 in Photo Calendar Creator. But there are more useful features in the program: templates for more uncommon calendar types, customizable holiday database, bilingual calendar creator, and more! These options will help you make planners of any other kind: birthday wall planners, forever calendar, personalized desk calendars, nutrition booklet planners, and even coloring poster calendars. You will never have to buy impersonal department store planners again. Too good to be true? Well, make certain yourself.

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