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Want to make a monthly planner?
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Make Your Own Monthly Planner - Personalized Calendar Designs

Have you ever missed someone’s birthday or forgotten about an important meeting because there’s simply too many things on your mind? A personalized monthly planner will help you avoid these failures in the future and refresh your memory. This calendar type is perfect for keeping track of your daily tasks and organizing your time wisely. It’s up to you to decide what design to choose and how to mark finished assignments. Below you’ll find awesome calendar samples ready to print and simple instructions on how to make a monthly planner for your personal use.

Check out these gorgeous planner examples made with Photo Calendar Creator to spark your creativity.

Action Planner

This monthly action planner is focused on high efficiency so it does not have any distracting elements. Its simple gradient background with geometrical patterns does not steal attention from the month table. What’s more, the cells are big enough to fit a handwritten inscription or a sticker with some useful tips.

Desk Planner

Who says that your planner should be ‘all work and no play’? If you put such a calendar on the desk at your office, you may as well enjoy a cool design. It’s a common stereotype that working planners include only business-related images. This one is really cute and still leaves enough space for some notes.

B&W Planner

Those who feel under pressure will love the idea of a coloring planner. Take a pencil in your hand, and rather than marking all the things you should do spend a few minutes coloring in black and white patterns. Make a coloring planner for each month to give yourself some space for fun and relax throughout the year.

Got inspired by one of these designs? Read this guide till the end and learn how to make a monthly planner with your own photos and important dates.

Step 1 - Download Photo Calendar Creator

For a start, you’ll need to download Photo Calendar Creator from the official website. Click the button below and the program will be automatically saved into one of your folders. Find the .exe file and launch the start-up wizard to install this custom calendar maker on your computer. Open the program and start working on your first photo planner.

Step 2 - Pick the Type of Your Planner

To create your own monthly planner, you need to choose a format that will meet all your requirements. In the Calendar Design Wizard, click Monthly Calendar and pick a suitable horizontal or vertical template. If you want to make a bunch of monthly planners for the whole year, go under the Custom Calendar section and find a 12-page template there. Once you’ve chosen a proper base for your personal design, set the year and month. Don’t forget to choose the necessary paper size depending on the paper you’re going to use for printing - Letter, A4, 12x18 inches, etc.

Choose a template for your planner

Step 3 - Customize a Calendar for Your Needs

With Photo Calendar Creator, it’s not a problem to build a planner design around your own photos. Pictures of your loved ones, dream destinations or motivation posters can become a seamless background or a decorating photo collage in your calendar. If you don’t know what photo to use, click Image > Gallery and browse through the program library. To customize the grid of your planner, hit the Month Style button and stylize the Month Header, Weekday/Weekend Names and Dates. While in the Template Editor, you can try different text fonts and cell colors.

Make your own monthly planner

Step 4 - Mark Your Own Dates and Events

The key function of any planner is to fit vital information. Of course, you can write all the necessary data once your calendar is printed, or you can add symbolic icons into its cells while still working in the program. Double-click on the month table and select a grid cell. Click Load and insert your picture representing some task - home repair, business meeting, trip, and any other important things you don’t want to forget. Click Customize Holidays to mark public days-off for your country. Also, try creating a new group of your family’s birthdays.

Insert your images and dates into cells

Step 5 - Print Your Custom Monthly Planner

Now it’s time to hang your personalized planner on the wall and start using its advantages. Push the Print button at the toolbar. In a new window, check the paper size, orientation and resolution to make sure your calendar design occupies the whole sheet of paper. Set the number of copies you want to get. Set margins and add a print markup to cut out your finished planner with minimum efforts.

Print your finished planner

Following these simple instructions, you can also design your own monthly planner with the schedule of work-out sessions, the menu of healthy dishes, and anything else you’d like to keep in front of your eyes in the form of a calendar. Need more inspiration for your own projects? Take a look at the monthly calendar templates showcased at the website and use the best of them in your own designs!

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