Want to design a custom planner on Windows 10?

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Want to design a custom planner on Windows 10?
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Easy Calendar Creator for Windows 10

Want to get organized and keep track of all the big events? Seems like you could use a calendar. But not just any soulless store-bought option. Better create a printable one yourself, so it could accommodate all your needs. For that, you’ll need a digital calendar maker. There are lots of softwares available, but not all of them are compatible with the latest operating systems. If you use the most recent Windows version, go with Photo Calendar Creator. With this award-winning calendar app for Windows 10, you’ll create a time management tool with a unique design and your favourite pictures.

Want to see what beautiful time trackers you can make yourself? Then have a look at this example created with the calendar software for Windows 10.

Home calendar design example

This is only a sneak peak. Crave for more? Apart from such gorgeous wall posters, Photo Calendar Creator allows your to design:

  • Desk calendars
  • Booklet calendars
  • Spiral-bound calendars
  • Pocket calendars
  • Perpetual calendars
  • Monthly planners
  • Weekly planners
  • Quarterly calendars
  • Public school calendars

Already have tons of ideas and designs in mind? Then it’s time to see how this Photo Calendar Creator can help you bring them to life.

How to Make Your Own Calendar on Windows 10

Ready to get your time under control? Then let’s create a calendar that will help you stay organized and will be a marvel to look at. Below we’ll show you a step-by-step process of designing it in lightweight calendar making software for PC.

Step 1 - Download Calendar Program for Windows 10

First off, click the button below to download this calendar creator software for Windows 10 free of charge. Follow the wizard instructions to install it to your PC.

Step 2 - Pick the Calendar Type and Template

Once you run the program, start a new project. Choose the type of your calendar. You can go with a wall or a desk calendar, a booklet or a pocket type. We’ll choose a spiral-bound calendar. Pick the template you like, add your pictures to it, set the year, and hit Finish.

Choose a template for your calendar

Step 3 - Customize Your Calendar Design

This calendar creator for Windows 10 allows you to personalize every detail of your calendar - you can change the month grid style, the color, font, and size of text. Besides, you are free to decorate your pictures the way you want - frame them with stylish borders and masks, or add cute cliparts.

Decorate your photos with frames and masks

Step 4 - Highlight Holidays and Important Dates

Now choose what holidays you want to be highlighted in your calendar. Create your own list - add your family members’ and friends’ birthdays, your wedding anniversary, and so on. Decorate the highlighted grid cells with pictures of the celebrants.

Add personal holidays and other occasions

Step 5 - Save or Print Your Personalized Tracker

It’s time to put your creation to action. Save your calendar as an image or as a template to use for the following years. Alternatively, you can print it in the best solution right away. If you don’t have a printer at home, go to a local print shop.

Print your calendar

And there you go - now you have a bright and stylish calendar that is uniquely your own. Put it on display where you can always see it and use it as an inspiration and a reminder of important dates.

So you see - there is nothing complicated in creating a calendar with this calendar application for Windows 10. After all, its interface is clear and interactive and most of the hard work is automatic. All you have to do is to add a bit of your own flavour to your calendar or planner. You’d be also pleased to learn that Photo Calendar Creator comes with a free trial, so that you can download and try it without any risk. So go ahead and use this software to make your own photo calendars, bright B-day trackers, and inspiring meal and workout planners!

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