How to Make Your Own Photo Calendar for 2013

With holiday time approaching, we start thinking of gifts and joy for all our closest people. Christmas always comes faster than you think, so it’s high time to plan and craft! One great homemade gift idea is your own photo calendar for 2013. Design a calendar with a personal touch, and it will bring joy and smiles all year round. It’s easy and inexpensive to create personalized photo calendars for relatives, friends or colleagues using the best photo calendar software.

How do you make your own photo calendar for 2013? Photo Calendar Creator turns it into a matter of minutes. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Prepare the photos

First of all, you should decide how you intend to use photos in your calendar. Is it going to be a central picture, a background image, or maybe a photo collage? If it’s going to occupy a large area, make sure it’s high resolution and perfect quality - especially for background images! Photo Collage Creator also lets you insert photos into the month grid cells, so you can prepare little photos for all special dates of the year.

Select the layout template

Launch Photo Calendar Creator and pick the type of calendar to make – wall, desk, pocket, 12-page calendar, or planner. For each type of calendar, there will be many designer templates to choose from. Remember that you can easily customize any design, so pick one with the best suitable layout. You can add your own photos at this stage. Set the starting year and month, adjust paper settings, and click Finish to create the project file.

Personalize the calendar grid

Now you can customize the month grid so that it matches your photos perfectly. Click Month Style – here you can edit your current month template, or select a new one from the vast collection. There are all sorts of month templates – classic, decorative, one-row, grid, planner. Edit any template and save it for your personal collection.

Decorate the photos

Making your own photo calendar for 2013, you certainly pay special attention to the photos. Photo Calendar Creator can do both basic photo editing (such as brightness/contrast adjustment and cropping) and fancy decoration. You can rotate photos and make them transparent, add an outline or a shadow for 3-D look. There is a wide selection of elegant photo frames and original masks. You can learn more about working with photos in How to Make a Calendar with Your Photographs.

Customize holidays

Click Customize Holidays to open the holidays editor. Check your country’s national holidays to highlight them in the calendar. Create a new group of holidays to mark your own special events. Holiday names can be shown automatically if you selected “Table” month grid. Check the box “Display holiday names”, and the names will appear in the cells. You can also mark certain dates with pictures! Double-click on a cell to insert a picture.

Save or print in professional quality

When your photo calendar for 2013 is ready, you can print it right from the program. You may also prefer to save the print layout in one of the common image formats like JPEG or PNG, and take it to a print shop. The PRO version enables you to save calendars as TIFF-CMYK for professional printing.

Download Photo Calendar Creator and make your own photo calendar for 2013 today!

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Photo Calendar Creator is convenient, easy-to-use photo calendar software for creating beautiful photo calendars for any year or month. Just choose the format and layout, add some photos, and prepare to be wowed! The program includes a huge selection of high-quality calendar templates. Add your own events and other special events. A personal calendar isn't just a great gift for friends and family, it's a way of advertising your business too!


I absolutely love the calendars I made with Photo Calendar Creator. I’d like to thank you again for your hard work and inspiration you put into your design templates. I will recommend you to all of my friends. High fives to you!

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I just installed your calendar maker and should say that I am really impressed how easy it is to create promotional photo calendars that look professional and nice. I am happy with the software and recommend it without hesitation!

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