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Want to make your own 2021 calendar?
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Want to design your own calendar?
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Each year homemade calendars are growing more and more popular as they present photos of cherished moments and memorable events in a new way. If you want to craft professional-looking planners and give them to your friends and family as gifts, you’ll need a convenient digital tool. Learn how to make a calendar without cutting paper and putting pieces together with glue using Photo Calendar Creator software!

  • Step 1

    Pick the Type of Your Calendar

    Select a calendar type in the Calendar Design Wizard. Before you start making your own calendar, think about what it’ll be used for, and decide over its format and paper orientation. Calendars come in the following types:

    • Wall poster calendar
    • Booklet calendar
    • Spiral-bound calendar
    • Folding desk calendar
    • Pocket calendar

    Collection of built-in calendar examples
  • Step 2

    Add Your Personal Photos

    To personalize the calendar you’re working on, add your own photos. Use them as the background image, central picture, or put them into the grid cells to mark some occasion.

    Add your own photos to a calendar
  • Step 3

    Decorate the Chosen Pictures

    When you make your own calendar with photos, don’t forget to touch them up for a better effect. Apply frames and masks to bring the viewer’s eyes to the chosen pictures.

    Decorate your calendar photos with masks
  • Step 4

    Personalize a Group of Holidays

    If you’ve decided to make your own calendar, include important dates into the grid cells throughout the year. Add a personal group of events in the Customize Holidays window.

    Customize your holidays in a calendar
  • Step 5

    Print Your Calendar at Home

    The last step to take is to get a hard copy by using the smart print tool. Photo Calendar Creator will automatically position the layouts on the page so you will be able to print multi-page calendars without scratching your head over how to fit everything in.

    How to make your own calendar for 2021

Eager to create your own calendar with photos following these steps? Check out the calendar examples below and decide what type you need for proper planning!

Wall Calendar for a Year

If you make your own calendar for the first time and aren’t sure what format will suit you best, create a wall poster calendar for the whole year. Design simple month tables and spread them over the page with your photo as the background, or put your picture right into the center and position all the tables around it.

Weekly Planner

Those who don’t plan ahead for the whole year can still make a useful weekly planner. Whether you’re an avid athlete or stick to a healthy diet, you can create your own photo calendar with regard to your needs. Just fill the calendar columns with the necessary information about some dish you want to cook or muscles you need to work on.

Desk Calendar

A desk calendar will be more suitable for your office cubicle – it doesn’t take up much space but helps you organize your working time wisely. It consists of two halves, with one presenting a photo and the other providing the month grid. That way you’ll be able to make your calendar design both convenient and eye-catching.

12-Page Calendar

Got too many photos that you want to use in your design? Then create your own calendar for the following 12 months. In the end you’ll get twelve pages to customize to your own liking. By combining one-line and table month grids, and repositioning your pictures, you’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind calendar that can’t be bought in a regular store.

Booklet Calendar

Want to create your own calendar as a gift for a family member or a friend? Consider a booklet calendar as it combines the best features of spiral-bound and desk calendars. Fill the pages of your booklet planner with carefully picked photos and popular quotes (funny or inspirational) in the way that will not steal the viewer’s attention from the month grids.

Following these easy steps you’ve learnt how to make a picture calendar and hopefully got inspired by the calendar examples above. So it’s high time for you to roll up your sleeves and try making your first calendar using Photo Calendar Creator software. Be it a planner for your own use or a gift for a dear friend, you’ll surely enjoy the creative process and get a useful time-managing tool!

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