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Photo Calendar Creator is convenient, easy-to-use photo calendar software for creating beautiful photo calendars for any year or month. Just choose the format and layout, add some photos, and prepare to be wowed! The program includes a huge selection of high-quality calendar templates. Add your own events and other special events. A personal calendar isn't just a great gift for friends and family, it's a way of advertising your business too!


I absolutely love the calendars I made with Photo Calendar Creator. I’d like to thank you again for your hard work and inspiration you put into your design templates. I will recommend you to all of my friends. High fives to you!

Warren Brooks, USA

I just installed your calendar maker and should say that I am really impressed how easy it is to create promotional photo calendars that look professional and nice. I am happy with the software and recommend it without hesitation!

Alfred Rochon, France

Photo Calendar Creator - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to create a multi-page calendar?

There are two ways you can go. One is to pick one of the templates from the Yearly group in the startup wizard - you'll find lots of 12-page calendar designs there. Another way is to select Custom Calendar and then choose either spiral-bound or booklet calendar, depending on how you intend to bind the pages.

2. How to add a cover page?

In the left part of the main program window, you can see the page panel, with a thumbnail for each of the calendar pages. Right-click in this area and select Add Page - this will add a blank page in the end. You can also use the Add Page button at the bottom of the page panel for the same purpose. Once you have an extra page, you can design it as you wish to make a cover page.

Note that most of the spiral-bound and booklet calendar layouts in the Custom Calendar section already have dedicated pages to make a front cover and a back cover. Some of the templates allow for creating a collage of photos on the back cover.

3. How to make a calendar with my photo in the background?

Find the Select background setting on the Main tab, choose the Image option, and then click the Select File button to open the file browser and find your photo.

4. How to add a picture to one of the cells?

Double-click on the month grid - this will open the month editor. Here, select a cell and click the Load button on the right, or simply double-click on the cell - this will open the file browser for you to choose a picture from your computer.

There are several ways to align the picture inside the cell: for example, you can stretch the image to fill the whole cell, or align it left or right if you prefer not to cover the date. Click the Alignment button on the right to choose one of these. There's also a Crop button which lets you select the best part of the picture.

5. How to resize a month name?

On the Main tab, click the Month Style button, and switch to the Template Editor tab. On the right, you'll see the Show month name option and a slider below for resizing the month name. This would be the quick way.

Another way is to click the Month Header button in the Template Editor - this will give you access to more settings, including the month name font, color, background, frame etc.

6. In the demo version, printing is disabled. Do you guarantee high print quality?

The printing feature of the program has been tested on different models of printers, including inkjet, laser and professional printshop equipment. Setting the print resolution to 300 dpi ensures photographic quality of the printout and sharp text.

If you would like to test the print quality while using the demo version, here are several calendars made with Photo Calendar Creator (in full size and 300 dpi resolution): http://photo-calendar-software.com/hqprint.php - you can download these samples in order to test printing.

7. How do I get my software after purchase?

As soon as the payment is processed, you will get an email with your license key and a detailed instruction on how to activate the full version of the program. While placing the order, you can also select the Add a Backup CD option in the shopping cart - in this case, you will get the CD with the full version delivered to your address by post.

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