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Want to design a birthday calendar?
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Want to design a perpetual birthday calendar?
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How to Make a Perpetual Birthday Calendar

Forgot to wish a happy birthday to someone you really love and appreciate the most? That’s some awful and embarrassing situation, what can be more awkward? Stop being a noddle noodle with a perpetual birthday calendar! This birthday reminder won’t let you miss the significant days anymore, and what’s more to it, you can use it year after year.

No need to buy a standard calendar that gives you only a small chance to customize. Instead, create your own any year reminder in Photo Calendar Creator – a piece of effective calendar making software. It provides you with a large toolkit for making a one-of-a-kind perpetual birthday calendar. Work with a wide set of professional yet easy-to-use templates, apply a personal touch by adding your photos and meaningful images and decorate your calendar with cliparts and collages.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to make a birthday calendar once and use it every year!

Video tutorial

  • Step 1

    Choose a Calendar Template

    To start creating a new project, select a calendar type – there is a choice of wall, pocket, desk calendars and other reminders. Once you have made your mind up, choose a calendar template. You don’t have to begin with nothing – we have done that bit of hard work for you and created a selection of various design templates to pick from. Then add your photos and themed images one by one or the whole set at a time. The most convenient month template for the any year calendar is Monthly Planner, so it’s reasonable to opt for it.

    Choose a calendar template

  • Step 2

    Customize the Month Style

    If you wish to use the calendar annually, there shouldn’t be any particular year shown there. All the month settings can be changed – the user-friendly software interface allows you to remove all the unnecessary elements such as the year from the month header, weekday and weekend names from the month grid. Adjust colors, and try different fonts from the enormous list in the Month Style editor. The best way to make the reminder look perfect is to experiment. Give it a go!

    Customize the month style
  • Step 3

    Embellish the Page Design

    Photo Calendar Creator lets you edit the pictures – crop, resize and drag and drop them with your mouse to place them where you need. If you like, replace the image with the celebrants’ photo collage and the calendar page will look fanciful and touching. Stylize the photo by framing it or applying a mask. Beautify your page design with clipart images, mark the important and not-to-be-forgotten days or decorate your photos. The software is supplied with a large clipart library.

    Embellish the page design
  • Step 4

    Add Birthday Dates

    You will want to know how to display birthdays in your any year reminder. The calendar making software allows you to add and customize your holidays. Just create a group of holidays, name it and type in all the birthdays you want to remember. Those days will be shown in the month grid right off. Use the caption text to write whose birthday it is in the cells of the month template. Select captions that imitate a handwritten text or some fonts and colors suitable to the whole page styling.

    Add birthday dates
  • Step 5

    Print Your Calendar

    You have nearly finished creating your perpetual birthday calendar and just a couple of last touches are left to make. Look through all the pages thoroughly and think if it’s what you expected to get as a result. Don’t like it? Add or delete some details, change the project as you need – editing is easy and almost no time consuming. Like it? Then you can save your project in the JPEG or PDF format or start printing it right away if you have a printer and can’t wait to take your calendar in your hands!

    Print your calendar

    Photo Calendar Creator is not only a birthday calendar maker. In addition to perpetual calendars you can make a printable planner for kids, a personalized desk calendar, a customized weekly or monthly planner etc. Get creative, explore the numerous software possibilities and enjoy making calendars for yourself or crafting memorable exclusive gifts for your family and friends!

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