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Photo Calendar Creator is convenient, easy-to-use photo calendar software for creating beautiful photo calendars for any year or month. Just choose the format and layout, add some photos, and prepare to be wowed! The program includes a huge selection of high-quality calendar templates.

Create calendars in any language of the world. Add your own holidays and other special events. A personalized calendar isn't just a great gift for friends and family, it's a way of advertising your business too!

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I absolutely love the calendars I made with Photo Calendar Creator. I’d like to thank you again for your hard work and inspiration you put into your design templates. I will recommend you to all of my friends. High fives to you!

Warren Brooks, USA

I just installed your calendar maker and should say that I am really impressed how easy it is to create promotional photo calendars that look professional and nice. I am happy with the software and recommend it without hesitation!

Alfred Rochon, France

How to Design Your Own Planner

With the rhythm of modern life growing even more rapid, many people need a universal and easy-to-use tool for better time management. While some will be satisfied with retail products, the others prefer a personal approach. If you belong to the latter group, then you will be glad to learn how to design your own planner using multifunctional planner making software like Photo Calendar Creator. Whether you are a big boss or an average employee, you can forget about scattered notes and sheets of paper and keep all meetings, assignments, deadlines, etc. in one personalized planner!

Scroll through the collection of planner templates

Step 1.
Build Your Design over a Template

Photo Calendar Creator is equipped with a large collection of predesigned templates that you can use as they are or you can further customize them. The Calendar Design Wizard allows you to select a weekly planner for 1 month or a monthly planner for 12 months. Another way to go is to choose a monthly calendar, click on the Month Style and change the default grid to planner style.

Add your pictures to funk up the design

Step 2.
Spice It Up with Themed Pictures

If you wonder how to design your own planner, then you should have a clear idea why exactly you need it. However useful this kind of calendar may be, it will look even nicer if you decide to funk it up with pictures. Here you can see one possible design of a workout planner. Hit the Add Photo button or the Add Collage button to insert a single image or a bunch of them on your own calendar page.

Choose a grid style for your planner

Step 3.
Work on the Planner Grid

The grid is the heart of any calendar, that is why you should pay special attention to it. For example, a table grid gives you a chance to insert additional images into the cells to highlight some significant events. If you prefer text notices, though, select a weekly grid with columns to write down your information. This grid type is perfect for long to-do lists that will not fit into a standard monthly calendar, for example, the workout or food planner.

How to design your own planner

Step 4.
Print the Planner & Save Up Your Time

Once you have completed to design your own planner, it is high time to print it and hang on the wall. Photo Calendar Creator software has a built-in print wizard, so you can change the number of copies and the paper size before clicking on the Print button. You can also save your planner as a TIFF image and take it to a professional print house to enjoy the highest-possible quality.

Now you have learnt how to design your own planner and can easily make a school schedule or a family calendar with the dates of your relatives’ birthdays. Discover more professional secrets of calendar design and realize them with Photo Calendar Creator software!

Make cool calendars in minutes!
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