Want to design your own calendar?
Want to make your own 2019 calendar?
With Photo Calendar Creator, it’s easy and fun!
Want to design your own calendar?
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Make Your Own Photo Calendars in a Few Simple Steps with Convenient Software!

If you are looking for a proper tool to organize your time, a personalized gift idea or a means to advertise your business, create your own calendar for 2019. For a personal approach you will need powerful yet easy-to-use software such as Photo Calendar Creator. A customized timekeeper will help you use your time more effectively, manage your working and leisure schedule, achieve more and never forget a birthday or miss an appointment.

  • How to Make a Photo Calendar

    To begin with, decide what kind of a calendar you need to make: wall, desk or pocket. Photo Calendar Creator comes with an extensive set of templates. Calendars can be either for a month or a whole year. It’s up to you to choose a weekly or monthly, classic or modern planner. Also, customize the month style if needed. Let’s open the program and see how to make a photo calendar step by step:

    Step 1

    Pick a Calendar Template

    Launch Photo Calendar Creator and select the type of a calendar you are planning to make. For each type you will find a wide choice of horizontal and vertical templates in the Calendar Design Wizard. Pick the one that meets your needs and adjust the page settings such as the calendar width, height and orientation. You can choose the month to start the year with. Click the Finish button and move to the next step.

    Built-in calendar templates collection
  • Step 2

    Add Your Photos

    Pick your best images to create your own calendar for 2019. Spice up the page with a photo collage, use a big picture as the background or insert small pictures into the month grid cells to mark special days of the year. Add, replace, crop and delete photos that seem out of place using the editing tools.

    How to add photos to a photo calendar

    You can embellish your photos by applying fancy masks or stylish frames. To make the page look completed, beautify it with themed cliparts.

    "Very easy to use... real fun to work with." from CNET.com

  • Step 3

    Edit the Month Table

    Make your own photo calendar and personalize it as you like. Change your current month grid in the Month Style editor. Play with the fonts and colors of the month header, weekdays and weekend names. In order to customize the holidays, check your country’s public holidays and create a new group of your special days to highlight them in your calendar.

    How to customize the month style
    Interesting fact:

    4236 BC is known as the earliest date mentioned in the Egyptian calendar.

  • Step 4

    Print Your Calendar Design

    You are about to finish making your own photo calendar and have one last thing to do – click the Print button. In the Print window you will see how your calendar will look. Specify the paper settings such as the size and orientation, and the image quality; set the margins and choose the pages to print. No printer at home? Just save the project as an image, a CMYK layout or a PDF file and send it to a printing office.

    How to print a photo calendar 2019

Three Engaging Ideas to Make Your Own Photo Calendars

You have learnt how to work with the program and how to make a photo calendar. Now, let’s see what other calendar types you can create with the help of Photo Calendar Creator:

Desk calendar

Quarterly calendar

Moon calendar

Make Photo Calendars with Multifunctional Software!

Photo Calendar Creator gives you nearly endless possibilities in making calendars and planners of different types: a fancy calendar for a children’s room, a business promotional calendar with your company logo as a present to your clients and partners, a birthday calendar to have your loved ones’ special dates in front of your eyes. Inspired? Then download the program and make a photo calendar in minutes!

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